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Why Alpega

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Our Story

The beginning and end of the Greek alphabet, their “A to Z”, is the inspiration behind Alpega. It aptly captures the E2E story of the solutions we bring to market.

From freight procurement and planning & optimization, to load tendering and live vehicle tracking, to freight settlement and analytics & reporting – to everything in between like dock appointment scheduling and reusable packaging management. No matter how digital your logistics IT landscape is, or how simple or complex your supply chain is, we have a solution for you. We’ve got you covered end-2-end.

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Why Alpega?

We know there are many existing and emerging logistics IT solutions out there for you to evaluate for your business. Especially in the TMS space. So why should you take the time to learn about Alpega?

Modular and Flexible

The modular design approach to Alpega’s solutions address varying levels of business requirements found across companies of all sizes. Many of our solutions stand-alone, or can be integrated into your logistics IT landscape. The modularity allows organizations flexibility as to the pace of adoption across their logistics operations, and choice of implementation of a full TMS and/or functional specific solutions such as dock appointment scheduling or freight procurement.

Rapid Time to Value

Pay only for what you use. Alpega’s cloud-based solutions are offered on a transactional or subscription basis for quick deployment, low total cost of ownership (TCO), and rapid ROI. Digitalization of logistics operations drives ongoing efficiencies, helping you achieve significant process cost savings, and lowering your overall spend per shipment.

Scale with Ease

The modularity and “pay as you go” model of Alpega SaaS solutions enable you to deploy and scale up or down at your own pace, without straining your logistics, operational or IT resources. Easily expand and shrink your logistics capabilities to align with the demands of your customers and supply chain.

One Collaborative Platform

It takes real-time data and collaboration with supply chain partners to create a complete loop in the value chain. Alpega’s seamless, cloud-based platform enables cross-functional and horizontal collaboration across the logistics ecosystem — connecting shippers with their carriers, suppliers and customers to ensure seamless sourcing, multi-mode and multi-leg planning, optimization, execution, settlement and analysis of all transportation activities.

True Multi-Tenant SAAS

Cloud-based solutions enable the agility, flexibility and scalability required to improve responsiveness to changing market conditions. These are the types of digital solutions organizations require to compete in a global economy. A cloud-based, collaborative platform for logistics management is essential to creating a more interactive and elastic supply chain.

Viable and Sustainable

More and more, companies are setting sustainability goals for their logistics operations in an effort to lower the strain of transportation and supply chains on the environment. Supply chain collaboration is on the rise, and the resulting efficiencies are leading to a reduction in overall costs and a lower carbon footprint. Alpega’s cloud-based solutions support sustainability by digitalizing logistics operations and enabling real-time collaboration with trading partners.


Enable connectivity to internal systems (i.e. ERP) and connect your complete network of supply chain partners across your logistics ecosystem via a single global platform to collaboratively manage all E2E transportation workflows. The solution’s modular design, scalable SaaS platform, and ease of integration address the varying needs of companies of all sizes, digital maturity and supply chain complexity.

The Factor is Your Success Factor

Alpega solutions transform local and global supply chains into collaborative ecosystems - bringing transparency and efficiency to all trading partners involved. Through enabled collaboration with supply chain partners, increased visibility across supply chain networks, improved asset utilization, and efficiencies gained within end-2-end transportation workflows, companies can reduce their freight spend and carbon footprint — providing a viable, sustainable logistics IT solution for today's supply chain.

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