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Types of Supply Chain Management Software

Types of Supply Chain Management Software

Determining the right supply chain solutions for your company can be overwhelming, considering the vast amounts of information available online today and the ever-changing landscape of supply chain management. When considering solutions, it is best to first understand what a digital supply chain is before investing in software technology. This will help you identify what types of software take the lead in innovation and contribute to a more efficient supply chain.

What is the digital supply chain?

The digital supply chain is a network of tools and software that uses new methods of data analytics and technological techniques that promote efficiency, increase revenue and create added value to the supply chain process. In the past few years as SaaS supply chain management applications replace activities once performed by labor, the industry has seen massive productivity gains. Supply chain professionals are able to focus their energies on resolving exceptions and developing ways of avoiding their occurrence in the future.

But the implications of the digital supply chain can vary from business to business, “For some companies, it means replacing manual, paper and pencil processes with digital data and process support. For some companies, it means using autonomous mobile robots and other forms of robotics in their supply chain. For some, it means applying machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to supply chain Big Data. And for some, it means getting better digital data to support an end to end supply chain involving multiple tiers of a company’s supply chain,” explains Steve Banker of Forbes Magazine, in his article “20 Things To Know About Digital Supply Chain Transformations.”

Essential Types of Supply Chain Management Software

Here are some types of supply chain management software that facilitate process improvement, increased profitability and improved visibility throughout the supply chain.

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Transportation Management Systems are a core supply chain management software solution. Regardless of what industry you’re in or what types of products you manufacture, your products need to get to where they are needed on time. TMS software is used to plan, optimize, execute and track in real-time the transportation of inbound and outbound goods. Additionally, capabilities such as a means to capture documents and data via a mobile device, and automating the categorization of documents at the point of delivery, have led to near real-time billing and settlement. TMS benefits to organizations include improved processes, increased efficiency and reduced freight spend.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are supply chain software solutions that help you manage operations within your company’s warehouses, maximizing your space utilization and significantly improving the efficiency of the labor force. Whether you benefit most from digitizing your pick sequence, receiving, product tracking or cycle counting, warehouse management tools can help you manage multiple warehouse locations and bundle numerous products.

Shipping Status Tools

Shipping Status Tools track transportation in transit and make real-time status data of all your shipments available, providing notifications such as ETAs, shipment arrivals and completions, and any exceptions to plan. This is especially important if you’re distributing on a global scale and are handling a large amount of product. Data provided through this level of visibility can contribute to improved customer service levels.

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Sales and operations planning has evolved into a major business process that offers many value creation opportunities. Its purpose is to manage the balance and trade-off between the conflicting preferences of the supply and demand side of the supply chain. It is one of the most critical business processes used to achieve best-in-class performance to consistently outperform competitors. It is increasingly being viewed as essential to synchronize the entire supply chain in order to improve its efficiency.


Alpega’s Supply Chain Management Software Solutions

Alpega offers various cloud-based software tools to help digitize your supply chain. Bring efficiency to your logistics operations with a scalable TMS; access live transportation tracking data via our real-time visibility network; manage your returnable transportation packaging assets with reusable packaging management solutions; cut costs with transportation planning and optimization; streamline appointment scheduling for pickups and deliveries across your facilities with Smart Booking and ensure you are paying competitive rates from carriers with TenderEasy, our freight procurement tool.

Alpega’s solutions are modular, flexible, and delivered as SaaS — ensuring rapid implementation and ease of integration into your logistics technology landscape.

What are the right technology solutions for your business? What challenges are you looking to address? Regardless of your need, the time to start transforming your supply chain through technology is now.

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