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Solutions: Transportation Sustainability

Solutions to Support Supply Chain Sustainability

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Greening the Supply Chain

A forward-looking supply chain strategy + the right technology solutions = a responsible supply chain

The importance of sustainable business practices is on the rise. Companies are increasingly faced with stricter environmental and legal regulations. How goods are sourced, packaged and transported around the globe can greatly impact the environment. As companies create “green” initiatives that promote sustainability, logistics and supply chains are at the top of the list. But can you positively impact your business’ efficiency, costs and the environment?

Businesses need to remain competitive while being sustainable. Alpega solutions can help.

Solutions to Support Sustainability

Improve efficiency. Reduce carbon emissions. Achieve greener logistics. 

For most companies, the majority of its greenhouse gas emissions comes from their supply chain. Alpega’s scalable solutions can support corporate sustainability initiatives through more efficient load and route planning, procuring alternate or additional modes of transportation (i.e. rail vs road), monitoring GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, and managing reusable transport packaging assets. Leveraging these technologies can help you achieve your sustainability targets. And the data and analytics collected throughout can prove it.

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Planning & Optimization

Purposeful load and route planning

Improving transportation operations to increase its efficiency is one of the best ways to have a positive impact on your company’s environmental footprint and profitability. Planning and optimization technology, integrated with AlpegaTMS, can help you plan loads and optimize routes in real-time. By intelligently consolidating more orders per shipment, the route becomes more efficient. The less shipments required, the less miles accumulated, leading to lower fuel consumption and ultimately a smaller carbon footprint. Identifying backhaul opportunities further reduces empty miles driven and optimally utilizes capacity.

Truck driver working with Alpega's transportation management solution

Freight Procurement

Define your green criteria with TenderEasy

Alpega’s TenderEasy platform enables freight tendering, spot bidding, and the ability to source and evaluate a preferred carrier network based on specific criteria you deem valuable such as rates, equipment types, services levels, and more. These can be used as points of consideration when procuring transportation to help reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.

With flexible bid sheets, you can collect pollution output (e.g. CO2) from logistics service providers and use this data to analyze and award business. Or you can assign environmental scores to truck types (e.g. electric vs diesel) or modes (e.g. rail vs road) to select shipping modes with lower environmental impact. Or you can incent carriers with ISO 14000 certification with a discount. TenderEasy makes it possible to introduce and easily manage any number of scenarios, and track improvements year over year.

Office employees discussing tms solutions

Collaborative Platform

Leverage Alpega TMS for good

Collaborative platforms are at the center of sustainability initiatives. Working together with partners across the logistics ecosystem is key to achieving process and fuel efficiency. By leveraging the real-time collaborative technology of AlpegaTMS and its benefits of shared data, improved communications, and transparency, you can drive more efficient transportation management processes and achieve sustainability goals. If you reduce miles driven and fuel consumed, you reduce cost and lower your environmental impact. A win-win.

Carbon Footprint Calculator


In order to create sustainable logistics practices, you must first understand your current environmental impact. Start by gaining visibility into the sustainability practices of your supply chain. With the Alpega TMS carbon footprint calculator, you can monitor and create transparency around your GHG (Greenhouse Gas) contributions. The integrated CO2 calculator interfaces with Alpega TMS for direct data collection and GHG calculations. Use the data collected for reporting, comparisons, and future tenders.


  • Capture CO2 equivalent and other emissions at load level.

  • Allocate emissions at leg level by weight (and distance if given).

  • Share emission values with freight cost settlement.

  • Generate detailed and cumulative carbon footprint reports.


  • GHG executed using well-to-wheel.

  • Calculations performed at load status of "assigned."

  • Automatic calculations configured per carrier, mode or lane.

  • Calculation parameters (e.g. fuel type, emission class) configured per carrier, mode or lane.


  • Make your efforts for the environment transparent.

  • Keep track of GHG values all the time.

  • Create KPIs for annual reporting and brand marketing.

  • Make a positive impact with intentional decisions based upon GHG values.

Reusable Packaging Management

Manage the RPM Loops in your network

Transportation sustainability goes beyond emissions. Consider how your products are packaged and transported. Reusable transportation packaging allow you to transport products over and over again, using the same packaging containers like crates, racks, etc. This allows you to improve your carbon footprint while also reducing your transport packaging consumption and cost. Alpega’s Reusable Packaging Management can monitor these asset movements between supply chain partners, manage inventory levels across locations, and schedule deliveries based on demand.

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Alpega Solutions for Greener Transportation

With complex supply chains spanning oceans, and changing customer demands driving smaller and more frequent shipments, GHG emissions are expected to increase. What can you do? Facilitate, monitor and measure your contributions to sustainability. Alpega’s technology solutions promote sustainable logistics practices.

Sustainable Transportation: A Green Opportunity

Can you positively impact your business and the environment?

There are ways to balance being sustainable with being competitive. Many companies have turned a focus on “green” into a positive impact to the bottom line. The challenge is identifying opportunities. In this E-book, learn ways to turn your logistics processes into cost-effective, greener operations.

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Success Story

Pernod Ricard and Alpega

“It will be really interesting to use TenderEasy to look at new parameters and identify new, more sustainable solutions.”

Petra Åkerblom

Senior Customer Service & Logistics Manager The Absolut Company, Part of Pernod Ricard

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