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Solutions: Reusable Packaging Management

Manage Reusable Packaging movements between network partners

Complete traceability

with a single solution

Reusable packaging for transportation management systems

Boost efficiency within complex networks with reusable packaging management

It can be challenging for a network partner in need of reusable transport packaging assets to get the right quantity and quality, at the right time and location. Sometimes assets gets damaged or lost, with no way of finding out where or how it happened.

Without the use of technology and a cloud-based platform to provide real-time visibility, it’s impossible to quickly and easily identify reusable packaging movements within the network at any given time.

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Stock Management

Track reusable packaging assets to guarantee full visibility and maximum transparency for every partner.


Improve inventory re-balancing, optimally schedule demands and manage orders based on reusable packaging requests (pull) or automatically calculated deliveries (push).

Document Management

Digitalize all associated exchanges and documents with supply chain partners.

Master Data Management

Enter, edit, and maintain master data in a central module using data management best practices.

Bundles Management

Schedule and execute reusable packaging movements of single packaging assets as well as bundles, enabling efficient stock processing.

Serialized Assets

Equip reusable packaging assets with serial numbers for more detailed traceability. ID tech such as barcode or RFID mark each asset clearly, making them easy to locate and track.

Fee Settlement

Store individual rating models and detailed information, and ensure transparency re: underlying stipulated costs and fees -- all to improve supplier relationships while reducing loss/misuse.

Demand Planning

Assess reusable packaging demands throughout the entire supply chain and obtain accurate forecasts of ideal, maximum and minimum stocks.

Integrated Processes For Reusable Packaging Management Execution

Order / Schedule Empties

Ensure optimal supply with empty reusable packaging assets while reducing expenses

Execute & Track Movement

Illustrate reusable packaging asset flows with optimal coverage despite minimal effort

File & Handle Complaints

Facilitate complaints handling, from filing to processing to settling, in an effortless fashion

Analyze Stock Levels & Loops

Provide full transparency of reusable packaging loops to optimize business processes

Reconcile Accounts

Minimize reconciliation efforts for reusable packaging stock levels in your network

Perform Stocktaking

Conduct stocktaking with minimal effort via a fully integrated, workflow-driven process

Fee Settlement

Calculation, analysis and invoicing of fees related to reusable packaging assets


Industry Insights

3 keys to a successful returnable transport packaging program

“There is further demand across industries for product safety during transport, the need for corporate responsibility, and the move towards circular supply chains..."

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Success Story

MAN Group and Alpega

“The introduction of the Alpega solution marked a shift towards a web-based ordering process (pull principle). This results in a significantly lower container inventory level.“



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