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Solutions: Dock Appointment Scheduling

Cloud-based appointment scheduling for shippers and carriers

Appointment booking

just got smarter

Easy to use and cloud-based

Quickly and easily book a time slot with Smart Booking, our dock appointment scheduling solution. Bring more efficiency to your logistics operations with built-in features such as: real-time warehouse visibility, API driven architecture to predict how long a time slot should be based on product type and more.

Avoid dock congestion and demurrage fees

Long carrier wait times and lack of visibility across warehouses and DCs have severe detrimental impact on customer service levels and operations. Smart Booking is a low-cost dock scheduling investment delivering visibility, predictability and higher productivity overall. Its positive impact on logistics operations can be realized almost immediately.

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Stop wasting valuable time

Recent research reveals that transportation planners waste up to 70% of their time making pickup and delivery appointments. Providing carriers the ability to make their own appointments online via a cloud-based 24/7 portal saves time for both parties. That time saved doing carrier appointment scheduling manually could be used on exception management and operational efficiency.

Truck driver working with Alpega's transportation management solution

Modernize your appointment scheduling

Using next generation technology, Smart Booking is a user-friendly dock scheduling solution that is fully configurable, has industry specific features, and can be used stand-alone or part of an end-to-end TMS. Shippers and receivers can book pickup and/or delivery appointments online (for docks, transfer terminals or silos) to digitize the scheduling process – saving time-consuming administrative work.


Schedule Times Online

Book a slot 24/7 to eliminate emails and spreadsheets. For shipper and carrier dock appointment scheduling.

See Across Sites

Full visibility with real-time view of activities across all sites

Save Money

Reduce demurrage fees and overtime costs

Improve Utilization

Increase loading and unloading capacity

Create Balance

Eliminate peaks and prevent dock congestion

Speed Things Up

Reduce waiting times and maximize productivity

Perform Better

Improve on-time performance metrics and customer service

Success Story

Alpega and Hartmann Group

"With Alpega, we have found a partner with particular expertise in time slot and carrier management. I can confirm that we realized a considerable efficiency boost (. . .) and exceptional cost benefits."

Nico Nürbchen

Director Group Logistics Management

Case Study

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