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Solutions: Alpega TMS

Real-time supply chain visibility from pickup to delivery

Manage by exception

Wipe out blind spots with real-time visibility

Delivery reliability plays a crucial role in customer service. Demurrage and detention are critical cost items and can become huge issues for shippers. Real-time visibility platforms provide the supply chain visibility and event management needed to take corrective action in case of shipment problems, and the data needed to inform customers of delays.

Yes Please

Real-time data to proactively manage the unplanned

Alpega’s Real-Time Visibility Network integrates with leading real-time visibility platforms globally, giving shippers and carriers live data linked to the transportation order in Alpega TMS. Data provided from supply chain visibility solutions include shipment status, location, dynamic ETA’s, and notifications of exceptions – allowing logistics teams the ability to quickly respond to and mitigate the unexpected.


How does real-time supply chain visibility work?

Key shipment events and exceptions are monitored in real-time

  • 8.00 start
  • 8.15 pickup
  • 9.00 traffic jam
  • 9.31 arrive at site
  • 9.55 leave site

Geolocalization is done through:

  • Website
  • Mobile app
  • ELDs
  • EDI interface

Industry Insights

Live Tracking and Visibility

"Supply chain organizations must have the visibility into their upstream supply chain to know the status and estimated delivery times of all shipments, so they can make accurate customer commitments." - Aberdeen Research Group


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