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Solutions: Alpega TMS

Manage transport orders and information with TMS Load Tendering

Manage transport orders

Digitally. Seamlessly.

Move away from manual load tendering

When it comes to tendering loads to your carriers manually, so much time is wasted through phone, email and other touchpoints. Alpega streamlines load tendering communications with all carriers through a single online portal.

If an exception to plan occurs, you and your network will be notified according to your own specifications of who and when.

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Centralize transport order information

Tender loads and ensure all relevant freight documentation – from legal and packing lists to certificates and load securing pictures – is uploaded directly to each transport order. With Alpega TMS load tendering, everything is stored in one place and is accessible and auditable.


Success Story

Asahi UK

"Our volumes doubled over the last four years. Alpega enabled us to manage these increased volumes without increasing our department's headcount."

Glenn Burgess

Head of Supply Chain Operations

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