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Solutions: Alpega TMS

Planning and Optimization

Optimize Planning. Bundle Shipments.

Increase Utilization. Cut costs.

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Logistics optimization seamlessly integrated with day-to-day execution

Alpega’s fully integrated and advanced optimization engine employs rule-based planning and dynamically adapts to changes, such as transportation costs, routes, capacity, delivery and pickup restrictions. It was designed to meet three types of transportation planning for complex supply chains: strategic, tactical and dynamic.

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Plan your transportation networks based on current and future requirements

When it comes to successful supply chains, it’s important to consider the long-term, holistic planning of your complete logistics network and associated infrastructure/facility locations. Shipments can be bundled, transportation strategies optimized, costs and service time reduced, and asset utilization increased for maximum efficiency.


Plan shipments, routes and optimize fleet assets

Market shifts and changing logistics trends means long-term planning often fails to leverage mid-term opportunities, such as those presented by a change in route or supply chain partner. Factor in new players or routes into tactical planning and assess their impact and cost-saving potential overall.


Adjust shipments and routes on short notice to eliminate efficiencies

Daily operational optimization of shipments and asset utilization aligns the selection of optimal transportation services with the bundling of individual shipments. Short-term changes in demand need to be handled cost-effectively. Alpega’s solution includes a 3D load planning feature, which enriches dynamic and tactical planning via 3D visualization and supports the planning workflow.

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AGCO achieved 25% less transportation costs and 14% less CO2 emissions

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