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Alpega Group featured in Supply Chain Report by Raconteur

May 4, 2020

Alpega Group featured in Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation report published in The Times by Raconteur

Special Report published April 29, 2020


Alpega Group shared its insights on digitalization and supply chain practices in a recent report on “Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation” published in The Times (London) by Raconteur, whose special reports cover the most pertinent topics through in-depth analysis and commentary from leading journalists and industry leaders.

In the article entitled “Digitalization Brings New Visibility to the Supply Chain,” Alpega Group shares how applying technology to logistics processes is crucial to creating a truly flexible and agile supply chain — presenting the opportunity for companies to not only reduce costs, but also drive strategic value by removing silos and increasing visibility.

In the article, Carolyn Hunt, Director of Go-To-Market for Alpega TMS, discusses how digitalization can help drive efficiencies, allowing companies to make smarter decisions in their supply chain.

“A lot of the legwork is taken over by automated systems, so transportation planners can really focus on the tasks that add value to the business. A vast magnitude of transactions runs through supply chain systems and visibility allows companies to be more responsive and reactive, improving the overall logistics function,” said Hunt.

The special report “Procurement & Supply Chain Innovation,” published in The Times, explores the upheaval of global supply chains, how procurement tech can help procurement professionals, and the cyber vulnerabilities for hackers during the crisis. It also examines why emotional intelligence matters in supply chain management for building better relationships with customers and suppliers. The featured infographic looks at the benefits of supply chain automation, highlighting that the majority of companies are still behind the curve in adoption.

Read the full article here: “Digitalization Brings New Visibility to the Supply Chain.”

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