Dock Appointment Scheduling

Easy-to-Use, Cloud-Based


Dock Appointments

Digitize your docks with Smart Booking

Next Generation Appointment Scheduling

Smart Booking is fully configurable, and can be used stand-alone or part of an end-to-end TMS. Shippers and carriers can book pickup and/or delivery appointments (for docks, transfer terminals or silos) online 24/7 – saving time and resources. Built-in features include real-time warehouse visibility, time slot lengths based on product type, and more.

Streamline your Appointment Scheduling

Bring visibility, predictability & profitability to your logistics operations with easy-to-use, cloud-based scheduling for shippers and receivers.


Full visibility with real-time view of activities across all sites


Reduce demurrage fees and overtime costs


Reduce carrier waiting times and maximize productivity


Book a slot 24/7 online to eliminate emails and spreadsheets


Eliminate peaks, prevent dock congestion and improve on-time performance


Increase loading and unloading capacity

Proven global implementations

We serve over 200+ customers, are deployed in 80+ countries across 5 continents & available in 15 languages.

Let us help you optimize your transportation spend and operations

Achieve Rapid ROI

Alpega's cloud-based solutions are offered on a transactional or subscription basis for quick deployment, reduced cost of ownership, and rapid ROI.

Scale with ease

The modularity and "pay as you go" model of Alpega solutions enable you to deploy a TMS at your own pace without straining your logistics, operational or IT resources.

Create shared data

Establish one shared data set for all key stakeholders to enable real-time decision-making, analytics for KPIs, and continuous improvement.

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