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Stop Wasting Time. Avoid Dock Congestion and Demurrage.




Time-consuming administrative work, site congestion, and long carrier wait times for pickup or delivery at docks, transfer terminals or silos result in higher costs and lower customer service levels.

With high demand on shippers and increased pressure on supply chains, providing carriers with a cloud-based tool that allows them to book a time slot for pickup or delivery at your facility can save time and money. Our dock appointment scheduling solution, Smart Booking, automatically chooses the right duration of the appointment based on product type and physical location at your site, ensuring you have the appropriate resources ready to load or unload.

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Gain Real-Time Visibility Across Warehouses and DCs

Lack of visibility across sites can have severe detrimental impact on logistics operations. Smart Booking is a low-cost dock scheduling investment delivering visibility, predictability and higher productivity overall.

If you’re looking to better manage the inbound and outbound flows at your sites, this offer is for you. Implementation is quick and easy, and includes the necessary training to be up and running within a few weeks.

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Implement Smart Booking at one of your sites with a discount* of up to 100% on the implementation fees, based on your specific business. Our team will discuss your business case with you, and send you a customized discount offer.

Already work with Alpega’s solutions and have a new location you’d like to add? No problem. You may also benefit from this offer and get equipped with Smart Booking, our latest dock appointment scheduling solution.

Offer is valid for agreements signed by December 31, 2020.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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“Smart Booking provides the flexibility and transparency we need to optimize our warehouse slots and avoid congestion. It’s fully customizable and has been tailored to our needs.”

Sabine Cruypelans — Senior Project Manager at Maersk

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