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Our customers are the cornerstone of our business. We work closely to ensure their success in transforming their logistics operations through collaborative cloud-based solutions.

What we hear from customers

Tangible Value across multiple areas


Transportation Cost Savings

Optimize your whole network on a strategic, tactical and dynamic/operational level.


IT Spend Savings

Based on SaaS platform, a modular approach and a pay-as-you-go transaction-based model.


Process & Organization Cost Savings

Real-time & automated collaboration with all stakeholders in your supply network.

Global Customers


By Industry

  • Automotive Automotive
  • Agriculture Agriculture
  • Chemical Chemical
  • Food & Beverage Food & Beverage
  • High-Tech & Engineering High-Tech & Engineering
  • Logistics Providers Logistics Providers
  • Mining & Materials Mining & Materials
  • Retail & Apparel Retail & Apparel
  • Paper & Packaging Paper & Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical
  • Discrete Manufacturing Discrete Manufacturing
  • Other IndustryOther

* sample of our customer base

Success Story

PUMA and Alpega

"As a sustainable and flexible cloud-based solution, Alpega has formed the backbone of our effort to standardize and harmonize for the last three years already."

Peter Stockhammer

Sr. Manager, Logistics Service Provider Strategy & Management

Case Study

Success Story

Carmeuse and Alpega

"Alpega has provided the foundation on which the continuing evolution of our supply chain stands. We now have the real-time visibility needed to make quick, smart decisions to enable us to exceed our customer's expectations."

Eric J Segal

Vice President, Supply Chain

Case Study

Success Story

Ecopax and Alpega

"Alpega and TenderEasy [Alpega's freight procurement solution] not only save time for our operation, it helps our carriers effectively manage our deliveries - that yields customer satisfaction."

James Wu

Logistics Management Team

Success Story

Barry Callebaut and Alpega

"Alpega enabled us to drive customer success by delivering complex shipping instructions quickly and easily to carriers."



Case Study

Success Story

Sherwin Williams and Alpega

"We are very satisfied with the tool [TenderEasy] and now have the bandwidth to run multiple RFQs simultaneously and achieve the same results as before, in less time."

Michal Maśko

Senior Manager Logistics Sourcing & BPO EMEAI

Case Study

Success Story

Hartmann and Alpega

"With Alpega, we have found a partner with particular expertise in time slot and carrier management. I can confirm we realized a considerable efficiency boost (. . . ) and exceptional cost benefits."



Case Study

Success Story

Asahi UK and Alpega

"... Alpega helped us to improve on-time delivery metrics, increase service levels and respond more quickly and accurately to customer inquiries."

Glenn Burgess

Head of Supply Chain Operations

Case Study

Success Story

Nordic Paper and Alpega

“We wanted to make our RFQ process as eff­ective as possible and were aware that doing everything manually wasn’t the best way…TenderEasy [Alpega's freight procurement solution] provided the technology and expertise to take us to the next level.”

Ann-Louise Högberg

Supply Chain Manager

Case Study

Success Story

Caterpillar and Alpega

"The Alpega tool has made our business so much more efficient in the daily planning of the logistics unloading process."

Johnny Walker

Traffic Coordinator

Success Story

Yara and Alpega

“Continuous improvement is key for Yara, and Alpega is a big part of that. Having a streamlined process and visibility across various senders, receivers, shippers, carriers and drivers, means we can take a holistic view of its transport operations and continually spot opportunities to improve.”

Pascal Lemal

Head of Transport & Operations Management Europe

Case Study

Success Story

Lhoist and Alpega

"Alpega has greatly improved our order forecasting and production management. Integration of the tool was easier than anticipated internally and for our customers. It’s become a staple part of our daily routines."

Wendy Stubbs

Customer Service Representative

Success Story

CooperVision and Alpega

“With TenderEasy, the entire freight procurement process is made more efficient by automating what were manual, multiple steps. It’s a 50% time savings on the conservative side.”

Patrick Matla, LCHB, CCS, ECoP

Sr. Trade Compliance & International Logistics Specialist

Case Study

Success Story

Pernod Ricard and Alpega

“Alpega's TenderEasy has really improved the way we find new solutions and improved the supply chain around the product.”

Petra Åkerblom

Senior Customer Service & Logistics Manager The Absolut Company, Part of Pernod Ricard

Case Study

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